Indian astrology (Jyotish) - Школа восточной психологии и астрологии

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Indian astrology (Jyotish)

Древне-индийская астрология
Our relationship with the planets is very close. Creation by the creator carries planets. The planets reflect the strength of the cosmic mind, & they rule all things through the power of time. Being masters of time, the planets are also the lords of karmas (fate).One of the important rules that you need to understand is that any of our actions or even thought falls under the jurisdiction of one of the planets. The law of karma states that for any action there are consequences. And depending on the nature of the actions and thoughts the manifested result comes back to us under the the influence of these planets back to us, bringing luck and happiness in the spheres of life, which is responsible for one planet, or, on the contrary a bad luck or stressful life situation in other cases, all depending on planetary positions and karmas of the living entities.
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e-mail:, skype: irenmac

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