The influence of Mars - Школа восточной психологии и астрологии

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The influence of Mars

Древне-индийская астрология
These qualities share it with the Sun. Without the energy of Mars, we would have lost all passions and motivations, we would have neither the resolve nor the ability to bring things to an end. But on the other hand, Mars' aggressiveness engenders rivalry, disagreement and conflict, prompting us to put our personal will to power above the good of others . After all, Mars has always been the God of War. Unfortunately, he can make a person warlike and cruel, turn him into a cold-blooded warrior or even a criminal. Mars is a planet of purposeful action. Our actions depend on what our highest goal is and what our higher values ​​are.

The energy of Mars is necessary for creative life, but it must obey the spiritual principles and influence of spiritual planets. If this happens, Mars allows you to apply energy on a spiritual level, for spiritual improvement. In addition, he can give a person foresight and research talent, both at the internal and external levels.
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