Eastern psychology, school of Oriental psychology and astrology - Школа восточной психологии и астрологии

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Eastern psychology, school of Oriental psychology and astrology

The motto of Ayurveda

Sarve sukhrino bhavanti!
Let all living beings be happy!

Let everyone be happy.
Let All Get Rid of Infirmity
And will be strong and healthy.
Let everyone take care of the good of others

And I also want to bring benefit to others
Let no one know the suffering,
Let no one suffer. "
World Thinking About Vegetarianism

Crystal bridges of our hearts

In the Vedas it is said that when we point out the  bad qualities of a person, we speak of them, a crystal bridge appears between  him and us,  and all his bad qualities on this crystal bridge  pass from his heart to ours, and our good  qualities along the same crystal bridge Pass  from our heart into it. Conversely, if we praise a person,  then his good qualities pass to us. This is an important principle, what we focus on  becomes the reality of our heart, becomes  essential qualities of our heart.

Bhakti Vigyan Goswami
Philosophy of the East

All your states of happiness or suffering in heaven or in hell are the results of your thoughts. Sooner or later, in this life or in future lives, all thoughts that sweep in your head are realized. So be very choosy in your thoughts.

Sivananda Swami
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