Alternative(East psychology) - Школа восточной психологии и астрологии

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Alternative(East psychology)

Восточная психология

The first or lowest chakra is called Muladhara and is the root of life.
This chakra is responsible for stability, the energy of survival,the basic instinctual needs : sleep, food, procreation, protection of territory.

The fears in this chakra when out of balance: what I did not have enough of something needed in life , the fear of inability sexual intercourse, difficulties with childbirth, women have fear of diseases in gynecology, fear and insecurity.
Women are a particularly important material life, beauty, warmth, comfort. This is a very powerful fears, because the person gets either a victim, or in the opposite direction-in the role of rescuer, trying to run away from their fears, helping like to solve other people's fears, I will save you. People with such fears need to save yourself first. That would then have something to share,ie, maybe your experience. Unfortunately, people with these fears, or losing weight, because fear takes away the life force, or get fat trying to eat your own food that is also not productive.At this level, people will try as much as possible and stronger to protect themselves, security, alarm, bars. These people see a danger or on the contrary apathy.

What is the method to harmonize this chakra? To understand that all in this world is enough to stop strain, to develop a sense to stand on their feet, to engage in material life, build a life. More give, because the law of the Universe - the more you give, the more you get, but if it is disinterested. To develop a systematic, logical understanding of life, to be practical.This is normal. And, of course, is to serve, not expecting anything in return.

he second chakra is called Svadhisthana.
It is the sexual chakra, which is associated with pleasure, sexual energy. This chakra is always hungry. People who can't control this chakra are the sexual slaves of sensual pleasures, because sex is like a drug.

That's why most people fall on our planet, i.e. the search for pleasure. The intimate relationship between loving each other husband and wife normally is the exchange of love on a physical and spiritual level. And even in Scripture the Srimad - Bhagavatam it is said: "You can have sex all you want, if you can raise godly children." But unfortunately in our time people often use each other to get pleasure or simply physiological discharge.

This chakra is very important because it is responsible for the reproduction of children and creativity. For some people sex is just to burn off excess energy, to feeling of pleasure and power. Women especially important to keep this chakra, because all the sex imprinted in her thin body. As a flash drive inserted into the computer, and all information from a man merged to a woman. And if there were a lot of partners, then love is all and rasselas, which is supposed to accrue only to the husband. And then you need quite a lot of time to clean up and accumulate a new amount of love.

The fear that arises in this chakra is the fear of losing pleasure. Especially in the West. If you can't, then nobody wants you. And there are people trying to even old age look sexually attractive. Why are people afraid of old age? Because the fear of losing this pleasure. But rightly said - all the time. And how to harmonize this chakra? First to sublimate sexual energy into creativity, to learn harmonious sex. And the second is to appreciate what gives life.

You can't do the navel piercing because damaged subtle, and physical body. Girls preferably to be modest in choosing clothes, because it is too exposed parts of the body attract the eye of men. And they are so arranged that the still will be watching. And the views and imagination of the men can penetrate a thin woman's body, until the occurrence of disease. I therefore wish to preserve the energy of the second chakra.All the best to you!

The third chakra manipura is at the level of the solar plexus.
Responsible for the source of strength, approval, implementation in society. It is very important to learn a little disconnected from the outside world, and to influence the world, to be able to defend their opinion. But not so that I'm right and you're wrong. Best of all, I respect myself and respect others. If we do not respect ourselves, others feel it and don't respect us automatically.

This chakra also gives an insight into what to do and what not.The ability to withstand the blows of fate. The development of this chakra gives insight and self-control, willpower, and the ability to abandon the need to be right. 100% right but God. Because there is a divine and earthly logic. In people who have affected my manipura chakra are often fears of losing myself as a person and the rejection of a traumatic situation or fear the blows of fate. What are the different methods of harmonizing this chakra.

You need to be active, to organize, to borrow money, to develop the spiritual, to lead, to drive, to punch, to bring higher knowledge to others. To be able internally to reconcile, to pray, and externally to act.

The fourth main chakra is Anahata, the heart chakra.
Very important. Its purpose is to awaken and open the heart. As far as we are able to love with unconditional love, so we are happy.There is no competition but only cooperation. It is important to develop true compassion, not pity. Pity always degrades. To understand that we here all get the karma you deserve, and to see in all the will of God. You need to open your heart, and do good without expecting anything in return.

It is also important to develop this quality as faith. The belief that as hard as it is, it is sent for our good, for development. And the belief that life won't break us even if we abandon protection. Is trust in God. Because Love is openness and trust, communication with an open heart.How does openness to God is the complacency. To accept that God may send suffering. and try to pass it with dignity. The world of duality or daytonn. Day-night, cold-hot, white-black, good and bad. But Love is above duality.Fear this chakra that wouldn't love me if I was the bad that you have to be good and to deserve love. It should just be natural and harmonious. To learn to hear the heart because there is a God. Learn to hear yourself and be open. Work out every day, take time for yourself at least half hour per day. But it is necessary to make efforts.

Still Anahata chakra implies the exchange of love. Learn to see your loved one soul, a part of God. And then you can merge on this chakra and feel the wonderful huge energy of love. What all I wish!

The fifth chakra is called in Sanskrit Vishuddha.
Contributes to the awakening of the inner voice and ability to speak the truth. You need to learn to Express themselves creatively at the highest level, try to sing from the heart. It does not matter if you get it to turn out not quite perfect. The main process, not the result. If you're singing about God and for God, I know he will be happy! Remember the faces of people singing in Church choirs.How else can a man Express himself at the highest level? Through the mind. The personal mind always develops from the collective. No wonder they say - a reasonable man.

But how to access the collective mind? With the help of concentration. The sages of the East could just focus on the person and get all the necessary information about it from the universe. Though it should be calm mind and concentration. This is facilitated by yoga and pranayama. You want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. Where is this happening? In nature, during sleep, during rest, when the brain is relaxed, and we can hear signs from the universe that is always talking to us. But we so often focus on myself, I do not always hear these signs.Yogi when you get the exemption - they can merge with the Supreme. To get exemption, you need not be tied to anything.

Fear this chakra is to tell the truth, Express yourself. What to do? To learn, to communicate, to Express and verbalize their thoughts aloud, to think logically. Sometimes this chakra is born fanaticism and then the mind ceases to be free and disconnected from the shared universe of the mind,i.e. a man says that he knows everything. It's scary because it's all, the end of evolution. Does God only knows. We need to develop inner freedom and to see the beauty in every culture and religion. I wish the harmonious development of this important chakra.

The sixth chakra is called ajna.
This is the level of sattva( goodness) Is located in the region of the third eye. Come experience the awareness of the powerful healing power, which we are part. Man thinks in images. And the world is beyond the senses.

This chakra is at the correct development gives clairvoyance and clairaudience, when you open the third eye - intuition. One finds the connection with your inner teacher, your higher self, can easily go into Samadhi. But there is a danger of the emergence of a strong ego because they can develop extraordinary abilities. And this level of wisdom,one begins to do something that will bring maximum benefit to others,benefit and assistance from the point of view of spiritual development and self-knowledge. It is connected to God and becomes co - Creator. Sees the great spirit.May develop supernormal powers(siddhis), but it is important where they will be directed.

Fears emerging at this chakra is that evil goodness will win and fear of losing their individuality. At this chakra a person needs to go beyond duality, to rise above the concept of good and evil, and dissolve your ego. People should learn to see the world realistically.One this chakra is strong, they need to be spiritual leaders.

The seventh chakra is called Sahasrara.
It is outside the body. It is a complete surrender to the Supreme will. When the energy and the consciousness reaches the highest centre for the development of all the chakras. When the Kundalini fully activates this chakra, which is the highest experience of human evolution is the overcoming of duality, that is, direct experience it on the subtle plane, a state of " no mind."

When a person's attention can be in the material world, performing some kind of action, and at the same time to be in the spiritual world, keeping in touch with the true self, the Almighty or God. Ie Personality in this world, but the consciousness to the Divine level. Ego is missing. The soul has two wishes : 1) go your own way, 2) to be in the flow, i.e. to do everything right, in accordance with God's will. Fears no one - not to live in accordance with higher will.
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