What is Eastern or Alternative psychology? - Школа восточной психологии и астрологии

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What is Eastern or Alternative psychology?

Восточная психология
And every soul is incarnated into this world with certain tasks and its mission. But the main goal for all souls is to develop unconditional divine Love, through selfless service, being fully present in the present moment here and now, the vision of God everywhere and in everything , the inner let-go of all, and the constant feeling of gratitude and no complaints and convictions, and giving their talents for the benefit of people and the world, concentration on God.And God is manifested in everything.

Western psychology is based on false ego, which thinks it should all revolve.And this psychology teaches people to concentrate on themselves, their desires and pleasures. And if they are not implemented, then come suffering, from the fact that the person is not getting what he wants, and the problems begin. But we came into this world in order that others meet our expectations. Both types of psychology are important.

But I can say from experience 13 year old practice that Eastern psychology helps more because one begins to understand why he came to earth. And we came to develop love, purity. loyalty, humility.

And Eastern psychology, full of wisdom, which stems from the Scriptures helps people see the path and walking the path to become a truly loving, healthy, happy and successful. What I wish everyone.
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