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This was said by Shiva

Восточная психология
The items that we accumulate, thinking that they are a source for happiness are not eternal. Those people who do not renounce the desire to own even after he learned the truth, always live in fear of losing them. And people who do not even know this truth, live in vain. How can dominate the world where there are fear and vanity? Some are sad due to the fact that I have nothing, and those who has everything sad from the fact that there is nothing more to achieve! They determine the well-being of what they see, while the reality is different.Thus, in essence, it is important to be unattached.To be free from attachment you must resolve the differences between his own and others. And this is possible only when our pursuit of prosperity, we are looking for inside, not outside. When we know the reality, we accept it... We do not perceive our well-being from the point of view of worldly pleasure. While we do this, we will continue to be in bondage! As soon as we begin to search within for the answers themselves will start to make sense.

Pride causes a person to lose his wisdom.

The rich, who can present love, and there is no gift more beautiful and greater than love.

Any act to satisfy the ego always comes back to you drop, that's for sure.

Any deed done with your ego, will undoubtedly result in you losing.

The first mistake of the warrior is to consider your opponent weak, the second mistake is to consider himself the Almighty, the third mistake is to allow pride to convince ourselves of invincibility.To insult the enemy - a fourth error. About the development and maturity of any individual can be judged by its tolerance, not arrogance, arrogance is the symbol of the open faults.

If you know well the mistakes of others, so you should know well their mistakes. You must remember that you yourself have made.There is no need to notice the mistakes of others, it is better to fix your.

It's painful to see people torn apart by greed, but when there is greed, then drop to the lowest "I" of course. Also people will never know peace, their selfishness has no end, such beings will never be able to succeed.

Regret is Samy easy way. But it is important not regret, and remorse. Because penance will help to get rid of sins. This process of cessation of sins, a mediator, to look into the darkness of our mind, the way to learn your ego. Ego can take a man so far that he can't see the difference between justice and injustice. Our uragami are greed, pride and arrogance in our minds.

With the addition of power, the responsibility even more. You can overcome only by the power of his sincere devotion. Deliver me from darkness of my ignorance, o Mahadev!

Mahadev said, " "a society that does not support respect for the mother, giving them life, cannot receive the blessings of God.

Everyone can say what he wants, but the truth is the truth. Everyone inside your conflict. To make efforts for the benefit of others is the first way of higher education, the other path is the greatness of the person to meet this world for the sake of our development, learn to distinguish between truth and falsehood, rejecting doubts. Nothing can be done without the blessing of parents and teachers.

A real Teacher again and again forgives his disciples, who due to his responsibility has no greed, no arrogance. And has an absolute faith in God. Victory and defeat are conferred and resetting sattvic nature. Pride is the enemy of sattvic nature. Those who are proud will never be able to be embellished with divine qualities. Development is possible in this world if there is balance and equilibrium.

If you're upset about something, then you're living in the past. If you are concerned about something, it means living in the future. If you feel the bliss and ease, you live in the present. Where are you now?

Mahadev: there is No knowledge above love, Parvati. Knowledge that does not understand the importance of love, ' is the knowledge devoid of love is not knowledge but ignorance. Love is the basis for the transformation of all relations in this world, to give them beauty and tenderness. Love is also the basis for Union. Unconditional love is the reason for a happy family life.

"Shiva Purana".

I recommend everyone to watch the film "Mahadev"! With Respect and Love.Maksimova Irina
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