School of Oriental psychology and astrology - Школа восточной психологии и астрологии

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Astro-psychologist  Irina Singh Vats (Maximova) from India
conducts astro - psychological counselling on the natal chart (the fate card)
on the following issues:
About me
Irina Singh Vats (Maximova).

Mrs Irina Singh Vats (Maximova) is a certified astrologer and a psychologist having a vast experience to her credit. From 1991 to 1994 she worked in the emergency room of Government Hospital at Ust Kamenogorsk kazakhstan.
In 1998 she graduated with a degree in child psychology from East Kazakhstan University.
In 2000. She received a second degree in practical psychology and its applications in society.
Since 2001, she worked at the clinic, "Andromeda" a very reputed health facility at Ust Kamenogorsk, East Kazakhstan. To further augment her skills she further studied at the International Association of Eastern psychology and astrology from 2005-2008 under her teacher  Mr Rami Blekt who is world famous figure in vedic astrology and psychology. She is a full time practicing psychologist since 2000 and she is an astrological consultant since 2005. She also teaches Indian astrology since 2009. She has received advanced training in astrology at various other places like Kazakhstan, Israel and Moscow. She has also acquired an international diploma in private practice on the astro-psychology and Diploma of the International Association for the East (alternative) psychology.
Presently she utilizes her quality time in Astro-psychological counselling and teaching of Indian astrology, Eastern psychology, Vastu, & Yoga. She has been speaking on television and radio to benefit masses by sharing her knowledge with others. Recently she has shifted from her country to India and before this she had a school at Kazakhstan with the following mission.

The mission of the School of Oriental psychology and astrology.

The mission of the School of Oriental psychology and astrology - to help the world get better, but of course you should start with yourself. Because we now live in the age of Kali Yuga (age of degradation), it is sad to observe what is happening in the world.
Goal is to develop the unconditional divine love through selfless service , and share it with others.
School Objectives: a) transmission of ancient knowledge.
b) To educate good professionals
c) Helping people to be loving, loved, healthy, happy, successful
g) harmonious development of individuals on 4 levels, physical, social, intellectual & spiritual
d) to participate in charity
Subject of activity: Science - Ayurveda, astrology (Jyotish), Eastern psychology, Vastu (based on the transfer of knowledge through the disciplic succession, from teacher to student). Our school is not a religious organization, we respect all religions.

 With great gratitude to my teacher Shree Ram (Mr. Rami Blekt) who gave me this wonderful knowledge! I pray for  Long, healthy and happy life for Him!

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