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World Thinking About Vegetarianism

Восточная психология

"The slaughtering of animals is the same as killing a man."
(Isaiah 66: 3)

"People said: O Messenger of Allah, can we also be rewarded for the good treatment of animals?" He said: The reward will be for a kind attitude towards  
All living things. "
Hadith (Bukhari and Muslim)

"Why ask me for a report, why I eat like a decent person. If I ate the burnt corpses of innocent creatures, you would have reason to ask why I do this. "
"People are the only animals I panically fear."
" It is quite clear that a person can be satisfied with steaks as well as with bread and cheese.The whole question is: is he creating a more or less high form of life by eating steaks? I think it's lower .  "

( Bernard Shaw)

" Have you seen the slaughterhouse? It's like a nuclear explosion ... It's terrifying the very man in the street . "
" I believe that a person who aspires to self-improvement should start with food " .
(Mikhail Zadornov)

"You just had lunch, and how carefully, at a respectful distance of several or many kilometers, there would be a slaughterhouse hidden, you are an accomplice."

( Ralph Waldo Emerson)

"Give the baby an apple and a rabbit, if he starts playing with an apple and there's a rabbit, I'm ready to buy you a car."
(Harvey Diamond)

The Paradox of Our Time
Our houses are growing, but families are getting smaller.
We have more conveniences, but less time.
More academic degrees, but less common sense.
More knowledge, but less ability to sober judgment.
More professionals, but even more problems.
More drugs, but less health.
We have traveled a long way to the moon and back,
But it's hard for us to cross the street to meet a new neighbor.
We have created many computers for storage and copying
Huge amounts of information, but they began to communicate less with each other.
We won in quantity, but lost in quality.
This time of fast food, but slow digestion.
People of high stature, but low morality.
High incomes, but petty relationships.
This is the time when there is so much outside the window, but nothing in the room!
(Dalai Lama)

"It's true that a man is a king of animals, he is superior to them by his cruelty, we live by the death of others." We are just a walking cemetery. "Since my early childhood, I have refused to eat meat and the day will come when the animal will be treated like this As well as killing people. "
( Leonardo da Vinci)

"Пока люди истребляют животных, они будут убивать друг друга. Человек, который сеет семена убийства и боли, не может пожинать радость и любовь."

"In my opinion, the vegetarian way of life, thanks to its purely physical effect on human temperament, would have a most favorable effect on the greater part of humanity."
( Albert Einstein)

"A man does not eat meat out of need and necessity, for he sees that he has been given a free choice between herbs and fruits, whose riches are inexhaustible, but out of sweetheart and satiety." He is looking for an unclean and uncomfortable food, bought at the cost of killing living beings, and this Expresses himself more cruel than the most bloodthirsty of wild beasts. "
Do you like animals? If so, then why do you eat them?
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