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Problems help us grow

Восточная психология
Ask yourself: what does this problem want to say about me? What does it say about my thoughts? Hopes? Activities?Alternatives? Lifestyle? What is this problem trying to tell me?

Look closely and think, you can find the real reason. If you always feel sorry for yourself or lower your hands, facing difficulties, then miss the important message that is intended for you.

Become an alchemist
The medieval alchemist spent his life trying to find the secret of the conversion of ordinary metals into gold. Medieval alchemy failed, because its adherents went in the wrong direction. A true alchemist who learns the secret of transforming everyday situations into gold, seeks to find a way out of any situation, how to use problems and difficulties as a springboard for deepening insight.
A real alchemist understands that there are no problems, but only favorable opportunities.

It is worthwhile for a person to believe in oneself and start looking for opportunities that are available in every situation - and the acquired knowledge is simply shocking.
Become an alchemist in life and learn to turn every situation into an opportunity. Remember that we complain about events that, as it turns out, were necessary for growth and development.
Learn to look at your stresses and problems, both on prospects and opportunities, rather than responsibilities or obstacles.

Here is the story of entrepreneur Katie Colby, who was born with dyslexia and could not distinguish the right side from the left or determine what time it is; Everything was given to her with great difficulty. "My incapacity has become one of my greatest advantages," she says, "it helped me learn to think."

One day Colby took a decisive step. For 500 dollars from her savings, she founded a company called "Resources for the Gifted" (resources for the gifted). She compiled a catalog of available resources for intellectually gifted children and sent it to 3,500 teachers. At first the orders were not large. She bought a warehouse, but the building burned down. The employee squandered the money. But, despite everything, she never ceased to believe that "there is no such thing as problems, there are only opportunities." Today, its turnover is 3.5 million dollars a year, and the company continues to grow.

American President Franklin D. Roosevelt suffered paraplegia and could not walk without a wheelchair. However, he led the country out of the "Great Depression" and entered the world history as one of the most respected politicians.

Vilma Rudolph was born in a poor black family in the state of Tennessee, which was affected by the "depression". When she became ill with poliomy at 10 years old, life did not seem optimistic and full of hope for Wilma, but she overcame all difficulties and in 1960 at the Olympic Games in Rome she won three gold medals in athletics.

Thirty years later, the potential Olympic champion faced the most critical situation in life. Gail Devers was preparing for the competition at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, ​​when suddenly her whole body was covered with sores. It seemed that no one could determine what it was. Finally, it was diagnosed that it was Graves' disease, a condition in which there was a real threat of foot amputation.

Before the appointed operation there were only 2 days when she began to recover. Passing through this misfortune, she won the 100-meter race in Barcelona, ​​and then at home to the applause of the 85,000 crowd repeated her tremendous feat in 1996 in Atlanta. "I would not want to change anything," said Gail, remembering the severe test. - This trouble turned into a blessing.She made me who I am now, made me stronger and better. "

The founding director of a large prosperous company shared with me the secret of hiring top executors. "We do not hire a single graduate until he suffers in life at least one major defeat. We believe that as a result, such people become more binding and decisive. Dips contribute to the growth of personality. "

What opportunities are waiting for you right now? You'll never know until you start looking for them. It's very rare that opportunities are waiting for you and waving a flag; They are masked for problems and failures.

But opportunities are abundant for each of us and if you want to discover and explore your "problems" using a new approach, you will be waited with lovely surprises. All our struggles and stresses are chances and opportunities. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says: "I really believe in the struggle."
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