Three energies of the material world - Школа восточной психологии и астрологии

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Three energies of the material world

Восточная психология
1. SATTVA is the energy of sustaining, of goodness, of love, knowledge, enlightenment, purity, self-control, truthfulness, peace, health, happiness, joy, asceticism, patience, wisdom, strength, piety, detachment, charity, humility, charity, control of mind and senses, determination, freedom from sin, knowledge of the soul, faith in God, a sense of duty. The color is yellow.

2.RAJAS is the energy of creation, of passion, of lust,of greed, lust, attachment, desire without control, strength, determination, courage, resourcefulness,ability to lead, attachment to fruits of action, work for the sake of prestige and money, false pride, loss of spiritual knowledge, dissatisfaction, a glorification of oneself. The color is red.

3.TAMAS is the energy of destruction, laziness, passivity, sickness, alessie, ungodliness, sorrow, madness, long sleep, stupidity, degradation, fear, unhappiness, self-torture, dirt, chaos, parasitism. sadness, avarice, poor food, alcohol, intoxication, and the rejection of the Scriptures, depression, anger, irritation, bewilderment,condemnation, and suffering. The color is blue.

In our world, the modes with energies all soaked, but we have a choice in what energy to take your mind, thoughts, etc. Because the law of karma or fate all the same : every action has a consequence, good actions, good consequences, and Vice versa. As Haworthia what you sow, that shall he also reap.

As we build their fate? It all starts with


And our life is what we think about it. So it all starts with thoughts, our mentality. Try to keep track of what the mode energy are , and replace it with more goodness. But it is impossible from TAMAS to jump into SATTVA. For this, the RAJAS, the energy of action, and knowledge. I wish everyone to feel the energy of SATTVA and strive for it. Be loving, loved, and happy!

With respect. Maksimova Irina
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