The influence of the moon - Школа восточной психологии и астрологии

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The influence of the moon

Древне-индийская астрология
In general terms, the Moon is responsible for the conception and birth of children, manages the person in childhood, manages the life of women, especially mothers (it is believed that it affects women more than men), the emotional sphere and social activity, affects well-being (abundance, Wealth, fame, popularity, luck), has an effect on memory and the mind (meaning not intellect, but the ability to be guided by common sense).
The main task of the moon is peace and the receptivity of the mind. To achieve this, it is necessary to humble your mind before the Supreme Will, that is, to develop true humility, and it comes with the development of the Divine vision: everything that is done is for the best; All material is temporary; Nothing is accidental, and even a blade of grass does not move without the will of God; True happiness inside, etc.

Lunar energy is strengthened: meditation, development of optimism, control over one's speech - one should speak carefully and as little as possible, attentive to one's actions and words, so as not to cause concern to others, water procedures in the morning and warm after work , Visiting the sea, lakes, rivers (everyone can notice that if you just look at the sea for 15 minutes, then the mind calms down). But the best thing is 10 minutes a day to repeat: "I wish all love and peace!" Thus, we become the vehicles of the lunar energy. Love and tranquillity to you!
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