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Influence of Mercury

Древне-индийская астрология
This is what is said about him in the classic Indian text "Shani Mahatmya": He is the most intelligent among the planets, and He removes all barriers from the way of His servants.

With all his might He tries to protect people from misfortunes and strives to give everyone prosperity. Endowing all people with discernment, He does both ways before them, both secular and spiritual.

Mercury has a windy, inconstant, changeable, superficial nature, giving an independent, sometimes two-faced, frivolous, intelligent, delicate, inventive, quirky, diplomatic personality. He's not sexy (it's a planet eunuch), cold and wet.

Unfavorably located or struck Mercury gives cunning, deceit, deception, a sense of knowledge, or will lack persistence, consistency, does not see the meaning and purpose of life. Such a person uses intellectual flirting, gossip, callousness, cynicism, indifference, anxiety of the mind and problems with nerves.
Favorably located Mercury on the contrary will give a person wit, rich imagination, literate speech, ease of communication, logic, good memory, speaking and mathematical skills, accuracy, learning foreign languages, excellent humor, the ability to learn from other people's mistakes, the ability to control the mind and feelings, ability To occult and exact sciences. People with such Mercury can clearly set goals and achieve them regardless of the circumstances. Mercury also gives wisdom and eloquence, and strangely enough, silence also strengthens this planet, because truly wise people are more silent than they say, or open their mouths to say that something is good and useful. A person with a strong Mercury can adapt without any problems to any conditions, easily enters a new collective, and is able to establish contact with anyone, and at the same time not to seek personal gain.
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