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The influence of Saturn

Древне-индийская астрология
In Astrology, Saturn has long been thought to be associated with events like death, disease, poverty, separation, ugliness and all kinds of perversions. From the spiritual point of view, he embodies such qualities as discipline, asceticism and loneliness.

He brings to our lives limitations and obstacles, hindering self-expression and all manifestations of our "I", oppressing us and sending us misfortunes and troubles. If Jupiter personifies the processes of creativity and expansion, then Saturn symbolizes the compression and destruction. Jupiter is a God of joy, an optimist, and Saturn is a God of sorrow, a pessimist. Jupiter is a good mentor of the human soul, Saturn is a harsh and sometimes cruel teacher who is the master of diseases, old age and death, these great enemies of human life, before whom all the things that are subject to time are inclined.

He can give a person absolute independence and freedom from attachments: it is a loner who has surpassed all restrictions to which the crowd is exposed. Saturn shows us the way to transcendence, and although this path is not easy, the past man gets rid of all bondage, for he returns to his true and unlimited "I".

Saturn is the planet of life itself. In a horoscope, he is a signifier of fate and life expectancy. Strong Saturn protects a person. His patronage should be appealed to all the aged people. Saturn reminds us that deviating from this routine, we risk prematurely getting old and dying.

Humility is the ability to see everyone on the same level, not to be arrogant if we get something better than others and not to be jealous and depressed if someone outperforms us in something. And most importantly - to understand that the last word is always with God. And be ready to always accept any life situation calmly, without dejection and claims to oneself, those around and God.

The way of life, which enhances the favourable influence of Saturn, necessarily includes the development of peace of mind, coolness, self-control and impartiality. One should strictly adhere to a certain order in life and follow any authority or tradition. It is recommended to abstain from anything that can unnecessarily stimulate the nerves and senses. It is desirable to avoid strong emotional outbursts, stressful and stressful situations. It is necessary to spend more time in nature and in solitude. It will be useful to slow down the pace of life, calm down and relax. And this should be done regularly, at least once a week. To do this, there is a special day - Saturday - the day of Saturn (Saturday). As claimed (and argued) Indian and Tibetan sages "rest on Saturday prolongs life"

If you correctly approach the strengthening of Saturn, then in a few years you can go through many lives, improving yourself, your descendants and ancestors, destiny and health. And bring great benefits to others.
A correct worldview, detachment!
Love and happiness!
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