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Influence of the Sun

Древне-индийская астрология
But as soon as we decide to live for ourselves, the Sun immediately stops coming inside, and the feeling of happiness disappears somewhere. The sun is meant to melt the false ego and to revive the true. The true ego is the very nature of the soul. The nature of the soul is such that the soul wants to live for others, and not for oneself. But since we do not understand this nature, we do not experience a state of happiness.

Mental purity also depends on the Sun, because both the Sun and the mind have a fiery nature. The sun gives strength to the mind, and the moon gives the power of tranquility and pleasure. The sun gives the mind strength for activity. Thus, the subtle body of the mind exists only because of the direct energy of the Sun. In a person who has weak contact with the Sun, the mind is sluggish, it's hard for him to think, and vice versa.

By our actions we can either greatly improve the influence of the Sun on us, or vice versa. And then "even a little progress along this path will protect you from many misfortunes." So says the Bhagavad-gita. Strive to desire as much happiness as possible for everyone, cultivate everything that is connected with joy, wanting to give it to others. To make donations to spiritual people and to religious institutions - especially on Sundays (the day of the Sun). Especially strongly destroys solar energy disrespect to men, and especially to the father, and for women and to her husband, and any aggression in the universe is severely punished.Solar energy increases, if we live on a solar regime - we rise before sunrise.
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