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Influence of Venus

Древне-индийская астрология
Venus endows us with sensitivity, refinement and nobility. At the lowest, external level, Venus means seeking pleasure, the pursuit of comfort and luxury. It makes people - both men and women - sexually attractive to people of the opposite sex. It brings wealth in the form of luxury goods and ornaments. Venus is beauty, style and elegance. This is not just an accumulation of property, but a refined collection of masterpieces, jewelry, antiques. She is interested not so much in quantity, as in quality and good taste.

Strong Venus empowers a person with a sexual force that, at the inner level, can be transformed into an astral or spiritual force, by virtue of the will. Strong Venus can give a person charisma, which manifests itself in the ability to inspire other people, instill in them enthusiasm. But it can also be used for hypnotic suggestion and deception. In our time, the negative occult qualities of Venus are manifested through the media, making a cult out of sex and violence. Strong Venus in a horoscope benefits any person - it shows the ability to give and receive love, about refined taste, about purity and beauty. Love is the greatest power, and thanks to this, Venus is able to overcome the influence of even the mighty Mars. This planet strengthens our vital forces, carrying within ourselves the energy of happiness.

To overcome the lower influence of Venus, manifested as love of forms, we must discover this planet for ourselves as a love of truth. And for this it is necessary to comprehend the deep nature of love and not to take attachment to the external brilliance for true feeling. Developing Divine, unconditional love, it is possible in a short time to neutralize the adverse influence of all the planets. That is, get out of the influence of the law of karma. But for this you need to understand what true love means.

Divine love also means love for oneself. How can we love someone if we do not love ourselves? ("Love your neighbour as yourself"). Each of us is a part of God. And how can we love the Whole without loving its particles? Love carries optimism and joy, because A person lives consciously, lovingly accepting all situations and not depending on any circumstances. Happiness to man brings this very feeling.

On what do all religions converge? On the installation "Do not do to others what you do not want for yourself," and also that the main goal of life is the love of God. And the less we live in love, the more diseases and suffering we have. Therefore Venus, who is also called the goddess of love, is the most favourable planet.
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